7 days until launch day..

In just 7 days time the Mayor of Waverley will cut the ceremonial ribbon & ROAM 639 will be offically open.

In the build up to this Ian will be running around the loop 24 times over the next 7 days (approximately 153miles). The reason for doing so is to act as a reminder that muscular dystrophy is a condition that impacts upon those with the condition 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

On launch day friends & supporters of the trail will be running & walking around the loop.

It is hoped that in a small way the efforts of all involved will act as a reminder of how fortunate most of us are to have bodies that allow us to enjoy physical activity and to re-focus attention on the charitable aims of the trail.

Update 21/9/2014

Ian has completed the first three laps of his challenge. These were taken at a controlled pace with the remaining 21 laps in mind. Tomorrow Ian hopes to complete at least 4 more loops, but he is not expecting to set any speed records! 

Update 22/9/2014

Today Ian managed a further 5 loops in glorious weather. The last 2 were a little bit more pedestrian than the first 3. Two days into challenge and 8 of the target 24 laps completed.

Update 23/9/2014

Ian completed another 4 loops today bringing the running total of loops completed over the last three days to 12 (76.68miles, or half way!)

Update 24/9/2014

Ian managed another 4 loops today. The first 3 of these were commenced at daybreak, the last one after a break for some food. The last loop of the day was very slow & no more than a walk. Four days of challenge complete and 16 loops, 8 left to fit in over the next 3 days.

Update 25/9/2014

Another 3 loops completed today taking the total completed so far to 19 (c. 121miles). The last of today's loops didn't go particularly well but it was sunny & if you're going to have a low moment it might as well be somewhere as beautiful as the 'Bowl'. Ian finished with a nicely ballooned ankle but has a relatively light day tomorrow so is still on course to complete the challenge.

Update 28/9/2014

Preparations for the luanch of ROAM 639 overtook blog updates over the last couple of days but at 23:55hrs on 27th September Ian completed the last few steps of lap 24 of ROAM 639 in 7 days. One hundred & fifty three miles with c. 23, 000 foot of climbing covered in the hope of raising awareness of muscular dstrophy.


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