Anniversary Night ROAM

On Saturday 26th September the first birthday of the launch of ROAM 639 was celebrated by a group of forty- six runners and walkers who tackled the trail by torch light. The permanent way markers were supplemented with glow sticks to help with navigation. Mother nature also helped by rewarding participants with a full moon and a beautifully clear autumn night. The celebratory evening was made possible thanks to the support of the National Trust and the help of a committed group of friends. The original idea was for the event to be a one off, however as a result of the enthusiasm of those who took part and the feedback received plans for night ROAM to become an annual celebration are in hand. 

A sample of the feedback received..

'Thanks Ian for a great run. My little gang and I really enjoyed it and the soup at the end was the best :-)'

'....a brilliant high octane test 😊'

'Thank you very much for a great event on Sat night! I really enjoyed the course and look forward to next year!'

'You and the team were the friendliest people ever and you made us feel very welcome. Loved the soup and tea at the end, a very nice touch.'

The event was run on a not-for-profit basis. This approach and ethos will continue moving forward due to the hopes that provided the original  inspiration for the development of ROAM639.

Thank you again to everyone who helped make the event a success.


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